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ZATCA Initiates Procedures for Implementing Phase Two (Integration Phase) of E-invoicing Project

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) clarified that it has today initiated the procedures for implementing Phase Two (Integration Phase) of E-invoicing which aims to integrate E-invoicing solutions of taxpayers subject to the E-invoicing Regulation with ZATCA's platform (FATOORA), where ZATCA will inform and communicate with the targeted taxpayers to complete procedures for implementing Phase Two (Integration Phase) of E-invoicing

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Tally on Cloud. Do you need it?

In Saudi, there is a surge in demand for Tally on Cloud amoung existing and new users of Tally. We must acknowledge that computing on the cloud in India alters the entire working environment in businesses.

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What is the 2nd phase of e-invoicing?

The integration phase, known as phase 2 of e-invoicing, is a system in which the business software, such as accounting software, EPR etc., used by the business, will be integrated with the ZATCA's system (Fatoora Portal).